Elite Woodworking Machinery


About The Company

Elite Woodworking Machinery Ireland has been established by a team of professionals who have been in the woodworking industry for over 20 years. Our business has steadily grown to have a network of clients all across Ireland & UK.

We pride ourselves on our reputation for reliability, quality of service & support.

For the past decade, we have been servicing & maintaining our clients woodworking machinery of all makes and models such as SCM, Homag, Biese, OTT, Mayer, Felder, Altendorf, Salvamac, Ka Ma Makine, Wadkin Bursgreen, Kaeser, AES etc.

Elite Woodworking Machinery recognize that customers want to purchase machines from a reliable team that can offer a variety of specifications of machinery which will suit their production needs & budget. We work closely with a broad range of manufacturers across Europe from countries such as Italy & Germany to establish the best fit for each client taking into consideration the business current and potential future needs.

More importantly, our clients choose Elite Woodworking Machinery because they recognize that our business will offer the high level of after sales support needed into the future. Our technical agents are available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

Having worked in the front line of the manufacturing industry ourselves, we recognize the impact to clients when a machine breaks down or is out of action for a period of time. The cost of the repair or part on the machine often pales into significance relative to the additional costs associated with the unexpected machinery down time, loss of production and additional costs in overtime in an effort to catch up.

Our Experience

Commissioning Machines

Quality Control

Service & Maintenance

Production Line Planning

Education & Training

Recognizing this has enabled us to invest in a professional team of engineers who are available to assist clients both remotely and onsite at any given time.

We believe our business success has been partly attributed to the quick response time to breakdown assist & high level of expertise and knowledge of each individual machine our engineers have. Elite Woodworking Machinery strive to provide machines, parts & servicing which will improve the way your business will preform, enhance employee safety and well being as well as increasing productivity, increasing energy efficiency which leads to multiple cost savings.

We are committed to training and upskilling and we are continuously travelling across the continent to frequent our team with the newest machines, technologies and training available to us across the wide variety of machines we sell and service.

If You Need To Contact Us

Just call us on 01 669 1516 or send an email To info@elitewoodworkingmachinery.ie