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Kr Kuvm 2l Edge Uv Coater Machine


It is a new generation edge coater machine developed for UV filling, UV primer and sanding of the edges of chipboard, mdf, wood and similar panels.

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It is a new generation edge coater machine developed for UV filling, UV primer and sanding of the edges of chipboard, mdf, wood and similar panels. KR KUVM 2L enables high quality UV coating on straight, radius and chamfered edges thanks to its adjustable angle rollers. In addition, the KR KUVM 2L with 5 belt sanding units, whose positions and speeds can be adjusted automatically, ensures perfect sanding of the coated edges.

One of the most important problems in MDF painting processes is that the edges absorb too much paint due to the soft fiber structure on the edges. This excess paint absorption returns to businesses either as more paint application on damaged edge surfaces or as a lack of quality and extra cost. With KA-MA Edge Coater Systems, you can solve this problem quickly and with less consumption.

Firstly, MDF edges are sanded in the range of P180 – P220 sandpaper with Edge Sanding Machine, then a paint or varnish of 40-80 g / m2 is applied. Immediately after application, complete drying occurs instantly with UV rays. The application is finalized by sanding the dried coating again.

If the product needs a second coat depending on the characteristic of the paint or varnish used; 2-unit, 2-stage KA-MA Edge Coater Machine will save you primer paint by applying 2 layers of paint – varnish and sandpaper. KA-MA Edge Coating Systems will increase your speed with the edges ready to be paint in approximately 2-3 minutes on the machine where you can work at speeds of 15 m / min – 20 m / min.


In this system, all kind of data about working and defects on machine is recorded momentarily on the all KAMA machines so that it helps to its user using the gained informations. So you can see momentarily the working status of your machine and get information about the defects experienced. You can check who worked how long and production volume during operation and past reports with details. You can get specific reports when you filter the parameters on data given. Furthermore by setting up the different type of alarms you can perform your work status without problem.


With the Vsight Remote application, which we offer our remote technical service much more quickly and praccally, we greatly prevent the downme that may occur during the use of our machines. Your machine operator can instantly connect to the technical service officer at the KAMA headquarters with a smartphone, tablet or smart glasses. In this way, the necessary intervention can be made within seconds with voice and video call problem malfunctions, marking and voice commands on live video.


Saves paint, saves time, eliminates the differences in MDF quality and minimizes the risk of cracking on the edges.

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