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Kr Bm 1000 K Automatic Spraying Machine

Automatic Spray Machine

KR BM 1000-K has been designed and developed to provide the user convenience as well as obtaining a high quality machined surface of all kinds of panel materials. Our Automatic Spraying Machine provides fast painting of materials such as wood, glass, plastic, metal, fibercement at low cost.

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KR BM 1000-K has been designed and developed to provide the user convenience as well as obtaining a high quality machined surface of all kinds of panel materials. Our Automatic Spraying Machine provides fast painting of materials such as wood, glass, plastic, metal, fibercement at low cost.

KR BM 1000 K Automatic Spraying Machine has been designed to achieve high quality finishing on any kind of panel material together with an ease of operation. With the paper belt system, it provides easy color changing in a short period of time. This feauture makes KR BM 1000 K a good choice for small and middle tier companies. Materials such as wood, glass, plastic, metal, fibercement etc. can be painted very fast with lower costs by KR BM 1000 K.

Reader Sensor System

Scanner bars in the Reader Sensor System located at the entrance of the KR BM 1000-K perceive the dimensions and shape of the product to be painted and introduce it to the automatic painting machine with millimetric precision. So, by ensuring that the paint is applied only to the product, it prevents waste by controlling the amount of paint used and provides savings.

Painting System I Automatic Spray Machine


Our machine has a highly developed system. Painting process is done with a robot arm placed in the center and equipped with 4 high-pressure paint spray guns. The arm speed, which can be adjusted from the control panel, can be operated up to 180 meters per minute if desired.The paint spray guns can be changed easily and angle and height can be adjusted thanks to its user-friendly design. The material to be sprayed is divided into microns and applied to the product at the right speed and pressure thanks to the high-pressure paint spray pump.

The arm speed can reach a maximum of 180 m / min.

Pump: 1 pc high pressure pump

Guns: 4 pcs high pressure guns

Paper Conveyor Belt System

KR BM 1000-K paints products on a paper belt on a vacuum conveyor belt. The paper belt is always tense, stable and smooth during painting and does not wrinkle thanks to the vacuum conveyor. After the painting process, the dirty paper is released from the mechanically braked system and it is easily wrapped on a roll at the exit of the machine with the torque-controlled winding system.



The KR BM 1000-K painting arm is designed to allow easy replacement of the paint sprayer gun system.Thanks to this feature, color transitions can be made very quickly. When detailed cleaning is required, it can be disassembled and installed in a short time and the cleaning of the spraying machine can be made within minutes.

Ventilation system

In our Spraying Machine, thanks to the paper filter exhaust system in the cabin, after the clean air coming from the machine is polluted, it passed through the paper filters on the sides and thrown out. Keeping the flow direction of the air inside the machine under control and removing it from the environment provides you with optimum painting opportunity.

Touch Control Panel

You can easily adjust the height and depth of the products to be painted, the amount of paint to be used and all the settings such as fan speed, conveyor belt speed, robot arm speed with the touch control panel on the KR BM 1000-K Automatic Spray Machine.



In this system, all kind of data about working and defects on machine is recorded momentarily on the all KAMA machines so that it helps to its user using the gained informations. So you can see momentarily the working status of your machine and get information about the defects experienced. You can check who worked how long and production volume during operation and past reports with details. You can get specific reports when you filter the parameters on data given. Furthermore by setting up the different type of alarms you can perform your work status without problem.


With the Vsight Remote application, which we offer our remote technical service much more quickly and praccally, we greatly prevent the downtime that may occur during the use of our machines. Your machine operator can instantly connect to the technical service officer at the KAMA headquarters with a smartphone, tablet or smart glasses. In this way, the necessary intervention can be made within seconds with voice and video call problem malfunctions, marking and voice commands on live video.


The ventilaon system offered as an option in the our Automatic Furniture Painting Machine ensures that the paint particles that may remain in the environment during painting and decrease the painting quality are sent to the paper exhaust filters faster. The clean air passed through the cassette filters on the machine is distributed evenly and correctly within the machine by placing 4 frequency controlled ventilaon fans on the machine ceiling.


The dust collector unit with airjet system, which can be optionally placed at the entrance of the KR BM 1000-K, automatically removes the wastes such as dust and sawdust remaining on the products before painting. So, you will get high gloss results by avoiding the roughnesses that may occur on the product to be painted.

Quick Color Change Valve

In addition, a 4 way valve which allows a fast and practical transition between 3 colors can be installed on this machine optionally.


Weight: 2.150 Kgs

Dimensions: L : 3.700 mm, W : 3,900 mm, H : 2.110 mm

Elektric Consumption: 10 Kw/h

Total Pressurized Air Requirement: 7 Bars, 60NL(without guns) 1100 lt/min (with guns). Aspiration Fan Debit: 12000 m3/h

Max. Product Length: Unlimited

Max. Product Width: 1300 mm

Max. Product Thickness: 100 mm

Min. Product Length: 300 mm

Min. Product Width: 10 mm

Min. Product Thickness: 1 mm

Max. Robot Arm Speed: 180 m/min

Max. Conveyor Speed: 8 m/min

Average Optimum Painting Speed: 3-5 m/min

Usage Area

Doors, door pulleys, door frames, modular furniture, kitchen and bathroom furniture, flat and carved cabinet doors, glass.

Paint Materials that can be used in painting

Polyurethane, water-based, acrylic, cellulosic, UV raw and paints and varnishes, adhesive, water and solvent based surface colorants.

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