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Smart Businesses employ consultants. At Elite Woodworking Machinery our consultants have a proven track record of providing solutions and delivering results. Our customers recognize the value in the essential advice we provide. We have an in-depth knowledge and level of understanding of the manufacturing process and the machinery available within the market.

A salesman is not able to investigate the production process of your business, they also do not understand the many intricacies and may provide the wrong machine for the job. This could be detrimental to your business by slowing down production and reducing profits.

Our team of consultants at Elite Woodworking Machinery have developed both the knowledge and skills over the past decade through both our ongoing research and tangible onsite experiences withing the manufacturing business.

At Elite Woodworking Machinery Ireland we provide solutions and deliver results.

We look forward to doing business with you.

Consultancy for Start-Ups

Elite Woodworking Machinery offer a diverse range of services for new business start-ups

  • Production Line Planning;
  • Sourcing of optimal machinery to suit business needs & budget;
  • Education around new technology available to the market.

Consultancy for Established Manufacturers

Elite Woodworking Machinery consultancy services for established business

  • Streamline Production;
  • Increase Productivity;
  • Quality Control;
  • Reduce Running Costs;
  • Research & Guidance on machinery upgrades / new machinery.

To Arrange A Consultancy

Just call us on 01 669 1516 or send an email To info@elitewoodworkingmachinery.ie